Thursday, 20 July 2017

How to be a part or featured in our community!

Just some updates for our bloggers to find out how to become a member of the Blogger's Corner Community!

Guest Posting.

Yes! You can write a piece and be featured on our website! Write a piece about blogging in general and send it to us! We'll proof read it, and add all your details onto it to for people to see!


Sponsorship is a paid opportunity to be highlighted to our community! This is a paid service, and information can be found here.

Twitter /Topic Chat.

Our twitter chat using the hashtag #BloggersCChats is an open discussion hashtag thread. Each Wednesday at 10am, we will tweet a topic and hope bloggers reply with the hashtag! If you want us to retweet your daily blogging tweets, use our hashtag #BloggersCorner OR tag us in it!


Use our hashtag #bloggerscorner1 for a reblog! Your tweet must be about your latest blog post for us to share!

Facebook Page and Group.

Yes we have a facebook page! And all you have to do to be featured, is share a post on it! Our facebook group is secret (meaning you cant find it via search), but if you email us we can invite you to it!

See more Info Here.

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Facebook Group

Our facebook group is now secret! This means the only way to be added in, is through email! Email us for the chance to join!
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